Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So dude, this is what I remember so far on that Saturday night....

Firstly, I went out for a dinner with Kaydrien's family, (I don't even know what is the event until now). Kaydrian was so fucked up cause his glass is never empty, so do mine!

Wine kept on pouring in...

She looked mean doesn't she?

I guess I'm a good kisser then =)

At last, I really can't remember when do I took this one.
But we looked good thou!

After a full dinner, we hit Warner's and liquor is making things worst. The next day I woke up, I check out my Facebook and trying hard to remember what had actually happened.....

Seriously, I even had to called up Kaydrian to recall me with that night. Eventually, he was even worst than me! xoxo


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